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Task Force on Agriculture Insurance

Task Force on Use of Technology for Agricultural Insurance was constituted on 30 June 2016 with the following Terms of Reference:


  1. To assess and analyse the availability and use of technology, globally and in India for insurance related to crop, livestock and acquaculture;

  2. To assess the capability of technologies in estimation of losses to crops, livestock and acquaculture;

  3. To evaluate the capability of technology(ies) in damaged area estimation under crop, acquaculture and population of livestock due to natural calamities or other hazards;

  4. To suggest the appropriate and cost effective technologies for quick estimation of damage to crops, livestock and acquaculture, both in terms of spread and severity;

  5. Any other issue relevant to the Task Force


Various sub-groups of the Task Force presented their recommendations.


Sub-group 1 on Satellite and UAV Remote Sensing for Agriculture Insurance

Sub-group 2 on Decision Support Systems, Crop Modelling & Integrated Approaches

Sub-group 3 on IT/ICT In Insurance

Sub-group 4 on Crop Cutting Experiments

Sub-group 5 on Livestock and Acquaculture

Final Report of Task Force