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NGO Darpan

NGO Darpan


NGO-DARPAN is a platform that provides space for interface between Non-Government organizations (NGOs)/ Voluntary Organizations (VOs) in the country and key Government Ministries / Departments / Government Bodies.


It started out as an initiative of the Prime Minister's Office, to create and promote a healthy partnership between NGOs/VOs and the Government of India. Now it is an e-governance application offered by NITI Aayog to electronically maintain data and transparency regarding NGOs/VOs in the country.


In order to transact business with line Ministries/ Departments, an NGO has to first sign-up on the NGO-DARPAN portal to obtain a Unique Identity Number (UIN) by furnishing the required details like registration number of the organization, PAN of the organization, PAN and Aadhar details of the office bearers/trustees etc.


Ministries/Departments implementing schemes through the NGOs are also required to develop their own portals and integrate the same with the NGO-Darpan to facilitate seamless flow of information regarding the fund flow, projects implemented etc. about the NGOs. The Ministries/Departments can also verify the antecedents of the NGOs through this integrated system before considering any application from NGOs for grants.

  • Before December, 2016, the portal had about 85000 NGOs in its database. However, after mandating PAN and Aadhaar details of office bearers, there has been reduction in the number NGOs in the portal. Till 7th December 2017, a total of 24035 NGOs have signed up on NGO Darpan Portal.

  • 18 Ministries/ Departments have developed and integrated their portals with NGO-Darpan. Five Ministries are in the process of developing their portals.

  • The MIS report generated from NGO-Darpan suggests that as on 7 December 2017, upto 10 ministries/departments have released grants of Rs. 267 crore to 356 NGOs under 42 Schemes.

  • NGO Darpan has been successfully integrated with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS). As per the PFMS window a total amount of Rs. 1895 crore has been released to 1029 NGOs under 221 schemes of 34 ministries/departments during 2017-18 (as on 7 December 2017).


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