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NITI Blog Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI AayogDigital India – Where Knowledge is Strength About three decades ago, in the idyllic locales of Kerala, I was working in the traditional fisheries sector. In an attempt to enhance returns for fishermen who were getting a mere 20% of the market…
Decarbonising transport: Redefining mobility policies in India Siddharth Sinha and Madhav SharmaDecarbonising Transport: Redefining Mobility Policies in IndiaIndia has the unique opportunity to build clean, connected and cutting-edge transport systems.
NITI Blog Amitabh KantExports: India's Window of OpportunityExports must be the cylinder on which growth is fired for the foreseeable future.
Battling the Barrier of Scale Amitabh Kant and Yuvraj PatilBattling the Barrier of ScaleFor India to become a USD-5-trillion economy, our manufacturing sector has to sustainably grow in double digits.
NITI Blog R. Ramanan and Ronak JogeshwarHow ATLs Are Boosting Skills of Indian YouthTo compete, conquer and thrive in this century, Indian youth must constantly upgrade their skillsets.
Making India Aatmanirbhar in Advance Battery Storage Aman HansMaking India Aatmanirbhar in Advance Battery StorageWith the thrust on e-mobility, the government is on mission mode to boost the battery ecosystem
Combating Malnutrition Requires Granular Approach Dr Rakesh Sarwal and Neena BhatiaCombating Malnutrition Requires Granular ApproachMalnutrition is declining in India, but absolute numbers of stunted, wasted, and anaemic children are still a concern.
NITI Blog Aditya KaushikIs IBC 2016 Effective?Four years down the line, how is the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), 2016, working?
Consumer in Post-Corona India Priyanka DuaConsumer in Post-Corona IndiaWe must strive to promote domestic production and make conscious choices to buy local products.
Deciphering the World Press Freedom Index Saumya ChakrabortyDeciphering the World Press Freedom IndexLet's take a closer look at the methodology and functioning of the World Press Freedom Index.