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Project Appraisal & Management Division

One of the important functions undertaken at NITI Aayog is the appraisal of public sector programmes/schemes/projects. The appraisal work is undertaken by Project Appraisal Management Division (PAMD). The PAMD has been assigned to discharge the following functions;

  1. Prescribe guidelines and develop formats for the submission of proposals for projects and programmes for techno economic appraisal;
  2. Undertake support research studies to improve the methodology and procedure for appraisal of projects and programmes;
  3. Undertake techno economic appraisal of major projects and programmes in the public sectors; and
  4. Assist Central ministries in establishing proper procedures for preparation of reports of projects and programmes.     

* The nature of the project is operation and maintenance and there was not any Capital Expenditure envisaged.


Achievements In The Year 2018-19

Achievements In The Year 2017-18