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Vision and Mission


The Energy Division of the NITI Aayog will provide top-quality support to the stakeholders in making India energy secure. It aims to improve the investment scenario of the country so as to achieve an efficient, sustainable and modern energy system. Towards the above objective, it is envisaged to improve the policy framework through effective partnerships with all stakeholders including academia, think-tanks and foreign Governments.




The Energy Division of the NITI Aayog will make concerted efforts to reduce India’s import dependence so as to ensure supply of energy, free of disruption and price shocks. The Division will recommend suitable omnibus and sectorial energy policy advice to make all sources of energy available throughout the expanse of India at affordable prices. While pursuing the above agenda, it will also keep sustainability, local air quality and optimal exploitation of domestic resources in mind. The policy framework will be so geared that energy is supplied through efficient markets to improve India’s competitiveness and spur economic growth. The adoption of modern technology and efficient delivery systems will be high on its priority to fulfil the subsidy related welfare agenda of the Government.