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California, USA

Commencement of Engagement

27 February 2019

Engagement Overview

Under the partnership between NITI Aayog and Adobe, the latter will work closely with AIM to instil digital creativity skills within all AIM beneficiaries: ATLs, AICs, ACICs. Adobe will adopt over 100 schools, hold teacher training sessions, collaborate for various events, and curate online content and creative courses.



  1. On 14 April 2020, AIM and Adobe launched the ATL Tinker-from-Home module on ‘creativity and digital skills’ for ATL teachers. More than 1000 teachers participated and earned their educator certificates.

  2. Over 60 schools adopted

  3. Adobe Creative Cloud and Spark offered to all ATLs

  4. Adobe Creative Educator sessions held for mentors

  5. Ten teacher training sessions conducted in seven states

  6. Tinker from Home sessions on creativity held


MoU signed on 27 February 2019