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New York, United States

Commencement of Engagement

29 March 2017

Engagement Overview

Through their partnership, NITI Aayog and Dell plan to upskill students and teachers, adopt ATL schools, identify and scale up promising innovations, and organise events and competitions. Under this collaboration, Dell will: 

1. Adopt ATL schools and dedicate human resource 
2. Provide infrastructure support to ATLs 
4. Provide monitoring and evaluation support

Involvement of Indian Ministries/Gov Bodies

MyGov, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology



The engagement has attained the following:

1. A total of 88 schools have been adopted
2. Over 5000 students have been trained
3. Over 300 teachers have been trained 
4. ATL Gaming Module garnered over 13,000 registrations

Projects implemented

As part of the Tinker-from-Home campaign, the ATL Game Development Platform was launched on 6 April 2020. This self-learning tool aims at transforming students from game-players to game-makers. The platform has garnered over 16k registrations from students across the nation.


Dell and AIM launched the Student Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP) for the top innovators of the ATL Marathon to take their prototypes to a product level. SEP 1.0 commenced in January 2019 and concluded in May 2020.


MoU signed on 29 March 2017.