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New York, United States

Commencement of Engagement

10 October 2016

Engagement Overview

Through their partnership, NITI Aayog and IBM will drive student innovator and entrepreneurship programmes, and develop the Mentor Innonet Portal. Skilling of students and teachers, adoption of ATL schools, identifying and scaling up promising innovations, organizing events and competitions are also part of the objectives. Overall, the goal is to: 

1. Provide ‘Teachers Try’ to 100 teachers
2. Pilot an online mentoring platform, Mentor Place
3. Use the IBM Watson Enlight suite

Involvement of Indian Ministries

Government of Haryana



Under the engagement:

  • Over 3000 ATL teachers have been trained by LLF and other implementation partners under the Unbox Tinkering Teacher Training Programme.

  • IBM organised the ATL Innonet Mentor of Change platform and mentor training sessions on ATL technology.


MoU signed on 10 October 2016