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Commencement of Engagement

24 February 2020

Engagement Overview

The engagement between NITI Aayog and INQ aims to facilitate:

  • Curation of a series of innovation and entrepreneurial exchange programmes to support and enrich start-ups and scale-ups between Australia and India
  • Exchange programmes and delegations between India and Australia, involving CEOs, influencers and executives of innovation hubs within Government agencies, and others
  • Establishment of programmes for soft-landing and startup/innovation launchpads between India and Australia
  • Global investment fundraising programmes

NITI and INQ also hope to generate awareness and add value to the Indian and Australian start-up and innovation ecosystem through the 'Make in India' programme

Involvement of Indian Ministries/Gov Bodies

Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, and New South Wales Treasury, New South Wales Government




Projects implemented

Joint online webinar with startups from INQ, Australia, and India on 17 June 2020




  • MoU signed on 24 February 2020.