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Commencement of Engagement

5 October 2018

Engagement Overview

As the world is progressing towards the fourth Industrial Revolution, both India and Russia are embracing science and technology for fostering innovation. The partnership between NITI Aayog and the Sirius Centre was initiated to enable cross-cultural innovation between India and Russia and create an innovation exchange bridge for the youth of the two countries. The aim behind this partnership is to introduce high school students to the world of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Involvement of Indian Ministries/Govt Bodies

Ministry of External Affairs



The first innovation bootcamp was held from 1–4 October 2018 at IIT Delhi. AIM hosted 10 students and 2 mentors from Sirius Centre, Russia. The student innovators collaborated in groups while working on their prototypes for different sectors such as healthcare, space technologies, clean energy, smart mobility, etc.

The second bootcamp was held at Sirius Centre in Sochi, Russia, from 29 November–5 December 2019 for 25 students and 5 mentors from India. 



  • Bootcamp 1 held from 1–4 October 2018 in New Delhi, India
  • MoU signed on 05 October 2018
  • Bootcamp 2 held from 29 November–5 December 2019 in Sochi Russia