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State Energy Index


NITI Aayog has expressed an interest to come up with an Index which will measure the states’ efforts for energy security. The tool will be designed to assess and further improve the performance of states to efficiently manage its energy resources. This will lead the states and concerned central ministries/ departments to a ready reckoner of useful information which in turn would empower them to formulate and implement suitable strategies. The intended index has a preliminary set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) covering ‘DISCOM’s viability & competition’, access, affordability & reliability’, ‘clean energy initiatives’, ‘energy efficiency’, and ‘new initiatives’. The first parameter will look into improving the financial health of DISCOM and focus on subsidies, tariffs and revenue generated to get a sneak peek of states’ role in making an environment for competition and investment. The second parameter access and reliability will look into the number & quality of household electrification and performance of monitored feeders. Clean cooking penetration, the share of renewable – generation, installed capacity and RPO targets, and EV penetration will be covered under ‘clean energy initiatives’ parameter. The indicators of ‘energy efficiency’ will dive into state-wise energy intensity, energy saving and emission intensity. Lastly, the index will also look into the new interventions or technological innovation that has been taken up by the states.