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Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital (SATH)

‘SATH’ the programme for Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital (SATH) focusses on two main sectors — Education and Health and to build three ‘Role Model’ States. 




After an elaborate selection process based on the Challenge Method, three States namely, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, were selected for the project. The program is being implemented in these States along with knowledge partners Boston Consulting Group (BCG) & Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) consortium with NITI Aayog as a facilitator and coordinator in the process.


The project is being implemented in three phases over a period of 30 months, coming to an end in 2020. The two phases of the project have been completed. It is now in the third phase of implementation, which will last for 18 months.


Major achievements under the project SATH-Education include:

  • In depth field diagnosis of districts and schools of Jharkhand, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh.

  • State transformation roadmaps released for all the three States, which contain quarterly milestones committed for each initiative.

  • Critical interventions including school mergers, remediation program, training, monitoring teacher recruitment/ rationalization, institutional reorganization at district and state level and proper utilization of MIS are in execution mode since January, 2018.


Progress of the project is being monitored through a National Steering Group (NSG) and Central Project Monitoring Unit (CPMU) at national level and State Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU) at State level.