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India Knowledge Hub

NITI Aayog has created the India Knowledge Hub (IKH), a dynamic web portal, functioning as a repository to store and disseminate best practices from across the country.


The Hon’ble Prime Minister places emphasis that states should not only learn from each other but capitalize on their strengths. Reflecting the spirit of cooperative federalism, the NITI Aayog launched the India Knowledge Hub so that districts, States, Central ministries and other government institutions can exchange knowledge on real-time basis and replicate practices that have worked in other areas.   


The portal serves as a dynamic sharing platform in which the key functionaries can directly upload best practices for replication in other regions. While, mostly the best practices are directly uploaded by the district collectors from any State/UT, Departments of State governments and Central Ministry can also upload the best practices in the portal. In its first phase, the portal is also being extended to certain non-government institutions which have requested access to upload best practices.


Presently, there are over 400 best practices that are catalogued in 20 thematic areas, covering Digital India, e-governance, law and order and security, financial inclusion, health, nutrition, education, Public Private Partnership ( PPP) among others. The best practices are examples of the innovative practices adopted in districts. It also provides a platform for valuable feedback and is visible to the public.


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