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Digital India – Where Knowledge is Strength

About three decades ago, in the idyllic locales of Kerala, I was working in the traditional fisheries sector. In an attempt to enhance returns for fishermen who were getting a mere 20% of the market price of fish, we introduced new technology like fibreglass crafts and outboard motor and even launched beach level auctions.

An Aspirational Story of Transformation

Good food never fails to bring people or, in some cases, even nations together. Last winter, in a pleasantly surprising cultural exchange, black rice grown in Chandauli, a small district in eastern Uttar Pradesh, found itself on the dining tables in Oman and Qatar.

The long road to universal health coverage

The conclusion of two years of AB PMJAY should serve as an occasion to celebrate of how far India has come in its UHC journey, but also a reminder of the long and difficult road that lies ahead