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Sub Group of Chief Ministers - Skill Development

In pursuance of the decision taken at the first Governing Council Meeting of NITI Aayog held on 8 February 2015, the Sub-group of Chief Minsters on Skill Development was constituted on 9 March 2015 (and partially modified on 24 March 2015) to address issues pertaining to human resources, especially youth and to work on scientific methods on moving towards creating a pool of skilled manpower.


The Sub-Group serviced by NITI Aayog Adviser (Labour and Employment) and Adviser (Rural Development) would assist the CEO NITI Aayog towards the following:

  1. To suggest measures to strengthen the State Skill Development Missions to enhance capacity and improve standards of skilling at the State level;

  2. To examine private sector participation in skill development and to suggest ways for improved partnership of private sector in curriculum development, delivery mechanism, pedagogy, certification, trainer attachment, apprenticeship training and financing;

  3. To propose measures to expand outreach of skilling programmes, particularly in demographically advantageous States

  4. To recommend measures for dealing with shortage of trainers /instructors/assessors;

  5. To suggest ways for mobilizing panchayats, municipalities and civil society organisations as also the Railways and Armed Forces to participate in these efforts;

  6. To propose ways of career guidance and post training placement tracking

  7. To suggest State level innovative measures for up-scaling of pilots, sharing best practices, dissemination and replication by the other StateslUTs

  8. Any other measures


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