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Decoding the Global Terrorism Index

The Global Terrorism Index (GTI), issued annually by the Australia based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) aims to comprehensively analyse the impact of terrorism on 163 countries, covering 99.7% of the world population.

Impact of relationship with China and partner country on Corona cases

The impact of corona virus has been uneven across several countries. Contrary to the common notion that developing and less developed countries that are geographically closer to china will see more rise in cases, the emerging evidence indicates a high rise in cases particularly from the developed world which are geographically far off from China.

Leveraging CSR to Complement India’s Covid-19 Mitigation Strategy

As India enters its fifth week of nationwide lockdown to suppress the transmission of the novel coronavirus and simultaneously augment its public healthcare capacity, the time is ripe for corporations to incisively deploy their corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds in this fight against COVID-19 and complement the efforts of the Central and State governments in hammering down the spread of the virus.

Post COVID-19: The Most Adaptable Will Survive

COVID-19 has radically transformed lives. India’s decision to impose a three week lockdown across the country to protect its citizens is unprecedented in scale. Prevention and containment strategies pursued by China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore have revolved around border controls and barring entry of visitors to break the chain of transmission.
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