Project SATH-E
Project SATH-E

Project SATH-E, ‘Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital-Education’, was launched in 2017 to identify and build three ‘role model’ States for the school education sector. After an elaborate selection process, Jharkhand, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh were chosen.

The first phase of SATH-E was completed in March 2020. Significant strides were made in learning enhancement programmes (remediation), governance reforms, teacher training, recruitment, assessment and accountability, school consolidation, IT-enabled monitoring of schools, coaching of academic coordinators (BRCs/CRCs), among others.

A few of the achievements are as follows:

  1. Learning enhancement programme/remedial teaching with workbook support for approximately 2.3 crore students implemented.
  2. Academic monitoring of schools and students streamlined, with nearly 1.5 lakh inspections carried out every month.
  3. Comprehensive rewards and recognition programmes, including external certifications, initiated.
  4. Assessment reforms, including spot testing and learning tracking formats, introduced.
  5. Multiple rounds of teacher training undertaken.
  6. In Madhya Pradesh, 30% of the students moved from lower-level foundational literacy, numeracy learning cohorts to the highest learning level for grades 3–8 in two years of the ‘Dakshta Unnayan’ learning enhancement programme.
  7. In Odisha, average improvement of 10–15% observed in learning outcomes due to the ‘Ujjwal-Utthan’ learning enhancement programme.
  8. In Jharkhand, 12% improvement across most competencies was recorded through the ‘Gyan Setu’ learning enhancement programme.
  9. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, SATH-E adapted itself as ‘Digi-SATH’ to provide undeterred support via digital mediums.
  10. Under the Digi-SATH initiative, MP’s ‘Hamara Ghar Hamara Vidyalaya’ and ‘Digi-LEP’ (or ‘Digital Learning Enhancement Programme’), Odisha’s ‘Shiksha Sanjog’ and ‘Shiksha Sampark’, and Jharkhand’s ‘Hamara Doordarshan Hamara Vidyalaya’ have been providing online education and teacher training.

Based on the requests received from all the three State Governments, the second phase of the project, SATH-E 2.0, was commenced by NITI Aayog for 2 years, from October 2020.