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Data Management and Analysis, and Frontier Technologies

The Data Management and Analysis, and Frontier Technologies Vertical seeks to:

  • Transform how data is managed and utilised by the Government

  • Establish a robust ecosystem that (a) nurtures innovation, (b) promotes democratisation and inclusivity in the development and adoption of emerging technologies, and (c) enables seamless adoption of emerging technologies for improving the ease of living and ease of doing business

  • Position India as a global leader in the inclusive use of emerging technologies

  • Make emerging technologies part of the mainstream reform agenda of the country

  • Showcase the potential of the latest developments and prepare policy papers on leveraging frontier technologies in different areas and sectors

  • Implement pilots for learning the challenges related to governance and the adoption of technology for solving real-life problems

  • Contextualise the learnings from various initiatives to develop policy recommendations and strategy documents

Core Functions

The Vertical primarily deals with (a) issues related to data management, leveraging technology for improved statistical systems, and (b) promoting research and adoption of frontier technologies. The core functions broadly cover:

  • Formulation of policy papers and strategy documents in collaboration with experts from the Government, academia and industry, and conducting seminars and workshops.

  • Managing pilot projects in frontier technologies intended to solve use-cases pertaining to areas such as health, agriculture, etc., in collaboration with public and private research institutes and industry bodies. Document learnings from the projects as policy documents.

  • Collaborating with national and international think tanks, educational and policy research institutions, civil societies and industry to create a knowledge and innovation support system.

  • Document issues related to data management and usage, and leverage technology for improved statistical systems and processes.

  • Hold workshops, training programmes, etc., on emerging technologies to build capacity in the Government.

Programmatic Initiatives
  • Build an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs through the Women Entrepreneurship Platform.

  • Engage with countries and conduct international strategic dialogues to promote bilateral collaboration and cooperation pertaining to all strategically important sectors related to frontier technologies. (International Cooperation)

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Bain

  • Bloomberg

  • CII


  • Civis

  • DP World

  • Drone Federation of India

  • Elsevier 

  • ESRI

  • EyeNuk


  • Flipkart

  • Forus

  • IDinsight

  • Ikigai Law

  • Indian School of Business

  • iSpirit

  • Lady Hardinge Medical College

  • Mapmyindia

  • McKinsey

  • MICA

  • Microsave

  • Microsoft



  • Omidyar Network


  • Piramal

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Relix

  • Rivigo

  • SigTuple

  • Tala

  • Tech Mahindra

  • Wadhwani AI

  • World Economic Forum

Line Ministries

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation


Report Name


Entrepreneurship Schemes Research Report Download
Digital Banks - A Proposal for Licensing & Regulatory Regime for India Download
Discussion Paper - Digital Banks : A Proposal for Licensing and Regulatory Regime for India Download

Approach Document for India: Part 2- Operationalizing principles for Responsible AI


Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Catalyst (HAIC) Pilot Study


Moving the Needle: The Women Entrepreneurship Platform


Guiding Principles for the Uniform National-Level Regulation of Online Fantasy Sports Platforms in India (Draft for Discussion)


Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture


Approach Document for India Part 1- Principles for Responsible AI


National Data and Analytics Platform: Vision Document


Blockchain: The India Strategy


AIRAWAT: Establishing an AI-Specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure for India (An Approach Paper)


Report on ‘MoveHack 2018’ Global Mobility Hackathon


National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence



Policy Papers

  • Responsible AI: Position paper on responsible management of AI in India (Partner: WEF).

  • EdTech: Strategy/discussion paper on promoting technology in education.

  • Justice and Legal Tech Reforms: Strategy/discussion paper on justice tech reforms.

  • Uniform Logistics Information Platform: A multimodal transportation platform is being developed to enable seamless and efficient logistics using data and technology (Partners: Microsoft, Flipkart, Bain, Rivigo, Mapmyindia, NICDC, DP World).

  • National Data Analytics Platform: A data and analytics platform with world-class user experience (Partners: Omidyar Network, ISB, MICA, IDInsight).

Pilot Projects

  • AI in Health-Infant Anthropometry Measurement Using Image Recognition: Smartphone- and anthropometry-based measurements to detect low birth weight for newborns (Partners: Wadhwani AI, Piramal Swasthya).

  • AI in Health-Integrated Medical Devices: Development of a model healthcare network based on integrated medical devices for screening, monitoring of prognosis, continuity of care and machine learning-based predictive modelling of non-communicable diseases, by AIIMS (Partners: Piramal Swasthya, AWS).

  • PGIMER Diabetic Retinopathy Using AI: Validating AI technology for screening diabetic retinopathy in public health and preparing guidelines to implement solutions at scale (Partners: PGIMER, SigTuple, Forus, EyeNuk).

  • UK Healthcare AI Catalyst: Maternal and paediatric clinical decision support system that is aligned towards improving maternal and paediatric health (Partners: Elsevier, Lady Hardinge Medical College, Relix, Piramal Swasthya).

  • Imaging Biobank Tata Memorial Centre: Cancer Imaging Biobank for head, neck and lung cancer, which will contain digitized radiology, pathology, genomic and clinical data (Partners: TMC, ACTREC, PGIMER, AIIMS, RGCIRC-A unit of Indraprastha Cancer Society, New Delhi, IIT-Bombay).

Ongoing Projects 

  • Women Transforming India Awards 2021
Who’s Who
Name Designation E-mail ID
Ms. Anna Roy Senior Adviser annaroy[at]nic[dot]in
Sh. Saurabh Thukral Senior Specialist thukral[dot]saurabh[at]gov[dot]in
Sh. Liankhankhup Guite Assistant Director khup[dot]guite15[at]nic[dot]in
Ms. Smita Shukla Section Officer smita[dot]s13[at]nic[dot]in
Sh. Rishabh Bezbaruah Young Professional rishabh[dot]bezbaruah[at]govcontractor[dot]in
Ms. Rupal Jain Young Professional rupal[dot]jain[at]govcontractor[dot]in