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India's Housing Conundrum

Good quality urban panorama contributes to investment, strong economic performance and wealth creation, as it provides predictability and order in urban development.

How the Humble LPG Cylinder Is Changing Lives of Rural Women

On the remote, verdant hills of Baramullah district in north Kashmir lie a clump of hamlets. In one such village, atop a small hillock stays Mehmeet, a forty-two-year-old mother of three, along with her husband, Nasir, and children. A sturdy woman with rosy cheeks and sparkling grey eyes, Mehmeet putters around her house with great alacrity, sending her children to school, feeding the chickens in the hen house, baking bread, making pickles and jams, traveling to the market in the neighbouring village to get supplies, among other daily chores.

Embracing Technology

Technology has increasingly shown the potential to fix challenges across important socio-economic fields such as financial inclusion and healthcare.

Steeling the Show

The mobility industry is on the cusp of transformation and we will observe a drastic change in passenger, freight and mass transit in the coming years.
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