Overview - NITI Aayog Library
About the Library

NITI Aayog Library, being knowledge and information Hub of the NITI Aayog, provides comprehensive access to books, Journals, reports etc., to all officers and officials of the NITI Aayog. It provides reference services and lending facilities to the members of the Library. The Library is providing the accessibility of different database on the intranet of the NITI Aayog. In house consultation facility is also extended to officials of other departments and research scholars enrolled with institutions/universities. The library is managed by well qualified/skilled staff. The library is equipped with latest tools of Information Technology and provides a number of services to its users.

Library Committee

CEO, NITI Aayog, is the final authority for all matters of administration and control of the library. The Library Committee, appointed by the CEO, exercises general direction, control, supervision, and guidance over the affairs of the library. Currently, the library has one committee headed by Senior Adviser, Dr. Yogesh Suri. The Library Committee comprises of:

S. No Name and Designation Role


Dr.Yogesh Suri, Sr. Adviser



Sh. Prem Singh, Adviser



Sh. Ajit Pai, OSD



Sh. Muniraju S B, Deputy Adviser



Sh. Navin Kumar Toppo, Assistant Director



Sh. Kumar Sanjay, Director( Library)


The committee is involved in the:

  • Procurement of English books, periodicals, etc.

  • Procurement of Hindi books and periodicals

  • Procurement of e-resources

  • Weeding out/writing-off books

  • Binding of books

  • Making policies for the library's development/p>

Our Team
Name E-mail
Sh. Kumar Sanjay, Director(Library) kumar.sanjay71@nic.in
Smt. Indira Rani, ALIO indira.rani66@nic.in
Smt. Varsha Satija, LIA varsha.satija@nic.in
Sh. Charan Singh, LIA charan.singh@nic.in
Sh. Ramkaran Pal, Lib. Clerk ramkaran.pal@nic.in
Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Lib. Clerk rajesh.kumar@nic.in
Smt. Santosh Kumari, Library Clerk  

Membership is only for NITI Aayog officers and officials. No outsider is given membership; however, research scholars are allowed to consult documents for research. For membership, NITI Aayog officers and officials need to fill up an application form, which has to be verified by the concerned Administration Section.

Download the membership application form here