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NITI Aayog Library


About The Library

NITI Aayog Library is an internal division of NITI Aayog, created with objective to fulfill the information needs of NITI Aayog Officers and Officials. NITI Aayog Library is a research and reference library. The Library has good collection of Books, Reports, Annual Plan of different states and bound volumes journals. The library is managed by well qualified/skilled staff. The library is equipped with latest tools of Information Technology and provides a number of services to its users.



The aim of the NITI Aayog Library is to provide the users, good quality, cost effective Library, information and learning services. The library also intends to be responsive to client’s needs that will reflect good professional practice, equality, creativity, and efficiency. The Library intend to provide access to resources and information services, necessary to support the learning and research activities of the NITI Aayog.


Functions and Activities

  • Development and proper maintenance of adequate and up-to-date collection of books, periodicals, reports, maps, and other items of macro and micro literature including electronic resources on all subjects relating to the work of the NITI Aayog.

  • Circulation of Books and Periodicals to all registered members of the library as per rules in vogue.

  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service: Dissemination of currently published information by means of personal notification.

  • Preparation and distribution of DOCPLAN: A monthly list of selected articles indexed and abstracted out of the periodicals received in the library.

  • Table of Contents: This contains the contents of Journals received in the library on monthly basis.

  • Recent List of Additions: A monthly list of books added to the library;

  • Compilation and circulation of bibliographies, on subjects of topical interest with the help of computerized catalogue database.

  • Maintenance of an effective and responsive reference service and compilation of special reference files and indices according to needs of the library users.

  • Binding of books and publications and journals of the NITI Aayog Library.

  • Cooperation with other government libraries and Central Secretariat Library, Department of Culture, the apex body in matters relating to government libraries.


Library Committee

CEO, NITI Aayog is the final authority in all matters of administration and control of the library. The Library Committee appointed by the CEO, exercises general direction, control, supervision and guidance over the affairs of the Library. Presently, Library has one Committee:

Presently, Library has one Committee: 

  • • Library Committee: Chairman – Sh. Yogesh Suri, Sr. Adviser

  • Procurement of English Books/Periodicals/Database etc.

  • Procurement of Hindi Books/ Hindi Periodicals

  • Procurement of e-resources

  • Weeding Out/Writing off Books

  • Binding of Books

  • Making Policies for Library Development