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Research Papers
Research Papers
S.No. Title Author Name Publisher Year Download
1 Changes in Labour force and Employment in Rural and Urban India: 2017-18 to 2020-21 Ramesh Chand Indian Economic Association December 2022
2 Discussion Paper on Workforce and Employment prepared by Prof. Ramesh Chand, Member, NITi Aayog Ramesh Chand, Jaspal Singh NITI Aayog March 2022
3 Lessons from Covid-19: A Plan for Action Dr. Sanjay Kumar ,Shobhana Rana, Meenakshi Datta Ghosh, Sangeeth Verghese NITI Aayog January, 2022
4 104th Annual Conference Indian Economic Association (IEA): Presidential Address by Member Prof. Ramesh Chand Ramesh Chand NITI Aayog December, 2021
5 UN Food Systems Summit 2021: Address by Member Prof. Ramesh Chand Ramesh Chand NITI Aayog December 2021
6 Approach Document for India: Part 2- Operationalizing principles for Responsible AI Rohit Satish, Preeti Syal NITI Aayog August, 2021
7 MSP and Farmers Income Ramesh Chand Article published in “Making of New India Transformation Under Modi Government” ed. by Bibek Debroy, Anirban Ganguly, Kishore Desai. July, 2020
8 Addressing Agrarian Distress: Sops versus Development Ramesh Chand Article published in ‘Planning in the 20th Century and Beyond’ edited by Santosh Mehrotra, Sylive Guichard January, 2019
9 Changes in Rural Economy of India, 1971 to 2012 Lessons for Job-led Growth Ramesh Chand, S K Srivastava, Jaspal Singh Economic and Political Weekly December, 2017
10 Changing crop production cost in India: Input Prices, Substitution and Technological Effects S.K. Srivastava, Ramesh Chand, Jaspal Singh Agricultural Economics Research Review November, 2017
11 e-Platform for National Agricultural Market Ramesh Chand Economic and Political Weekly July, 2016
12 Fertiliser Use and Imbalance in India: Analysis of States Ramesh Chand, Pavithra S Economic and Political Weekly December, 2015