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Health Walefare
Health and Family Welfare

The vision of the Health and Family Welfare Division is to provide policy inputs aligned to the National Health Policy 2017 and make India’s health sector robust, economically affordable, and accessible. The Division provides advice and policy guidance to key stakeholders involved in public health development and management. It engages with the Ministries of Health and Family Welfare and AYUSH, the Department of Pharmaceuticals, the National Health Authority, State and local governments.  The Division also collaborates with reputed international and national academic institutions, research organisations, development partners and eminent experts to advance the discussion towards making long-term impacts on policy approaches for the public health sector.

Core Functions
  • To evaluate policies and schemes pertaining to:
    i)  Health and family welfare, with a special focus on the National Health Mission (NHM).
    ii)  AYUSH
    iii) Health research
    iv) Pharmaceuticals

  • To design strategic and long-term policy and programme frameworks and initiatives for improving health access and health outcomes in the sector.

  • To engage with relevant Ministries and Departments, examine current policies, strategies and programmes, both at the Central and state levels, and suggest appropriate modifications or mid-course corrections.

  • Analyzing and providing comments on various health-sector schemes, programmes, and projects through the appraisal of preliminary project reports; and for proposals under the EFC and SFC. Reviewing and commenting on Cabinet Notes.

  • Developing strategy papers on various thematic areas and factors that affect urban health, investment and growth opportunities in health, health finance, and insurance, etc.

  • Conducting research and analysis with reputed organisations, academic institutions and development partners and facilitate discussions with eminent experts in the domain of public health management, urban health management, health finance and insurance, medical device manufacturing, etc.

  • WHO India

  • World Bank

  • University of Manitoba

  • Access Health International

  • Asian Development Bank

Line Ministries
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
    • Department of Health and Family Welfare
    • Department of Health Research
  • Ministry of AYUSH
  • Department of Pharmaceuticals



Mitigation and Management of COVID-19: Compendium of Ayush-based Practices from Indian States and UTs (July 2022)
AIM, NITI IPE white paper on Blended Financing (February 2022)
Healthy States, Progressive India: Health Index Round IV 2019-20 (December, 2021)
Emergency and Injury Care at District Hospitals in India (December 2021)
Emergency and Injury Care at Secondary and Tertiary Level Centres in India (December 2021)
Home-based Management of COVID-19: Best Practices Adopted by States (November 2021)
Health Insurance for India’s Missing Middle (October 2021)
Best practices in the performance of District Hospitals (September 2021)
Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Catalyst (HAIC) Pilot Study (July 2021)
Study on Not-for-Profit Hospital model in India (June 2021)
Investment Opportunities in India's Healthcare Sector (March 2021)
Health & Nutrition Practice Insight Vol. II (August 2020)
Report on Mitigation and Management of COVID-19  (November 2020)
Vision 2035: Public Health Surveillance in India
Strategy Overview: Making India a Digital Health Nation Enabling Digital Healthcare for all (July 2020)
Health System for a New India: Building Blocks (November 2019)
Round 2: Healthy States Progressive India - Report on the Ranks of States and Union Territories (June 2019)
Round 1: Healthy States Progressive India - Report on the Ranks of States and Union Territories (February 2018)
Guidelines for sharing of Bio-specimen & data for research related to COVID-19 (April 2020)
Agreement for Public-Private Partnership for Non-Communicable Diseases (October 2018)
Guidelines for Public-Private Partnership for Non-Communicable Diseases (October 2018)
Healthy States, Progressive India: Health Index Round IV 2019-20
  • State Health Index
  • District Hospital Index
  • Proposing a revised National Organ Transplant Program (NOTP)
  • Integrative Health Policy
  • Developing a world-class integrated Emergency and Trauma Care System
  • Catalyzing and Reforming Care for Seniors in India
  • Expansion of MD doctors through Family Medicine training program
  • Orphan drugs and therapies for rare diseases
  • National Ayush Research Consortium (NARC) to facilitate Ayush research among the research institutions of the country
  • Streamlining mental health and suicide prevention in India
  • PPP in Health Care
  • Policy and strategy for Health Insurance coverage of India’s Missing Middle
Who’s Who
Name Designation Email ID
Sh. Rajib Kumar Sen Senior Adviser rajib[dot]sen[at]nic[dot]in
Sh. K. Madan Gopal Senior Consultant k[dot]madangopal[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. (Ms.) Sumana Arora Senior Consultant sumana[dot]arora[at]niti[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. (Ms.) Bhanu Duggal Officer on Special Duty bhanu[dot]duggal[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. (Brig.) K. Venkatnarayan Officer on Special Duty kvenkatnarayan[dot]098x[at]gov[dot]in
Sh. Shoyabahmed Kalal Deputy Secretary sumana[dot]arora[at]niti[dot]gov[dot]in
Ms. Jyoti Khattar Senior Research Officer jyoti[dot]khattar[at]nic[dot]in
Ms. Hafsa Ahmed Consultant Grade I hafsa[dot]ahmad[at]govcontractor[dot]in
Ms. Rishita Mukherjee Consultant Grade I rishita[dot]mukherjee[at]govcontractor[dot]in
Sh. Shobhit Kumar Research Officer shobhit[dot]kumar[at]gov[dot]in
Dr. (Ms.) Aakriti Gupta Associate aakriti[dot]gupta[at]gov[dot]contractor[dot]in
Sh. Vineet Kumar Grover Section Officer vk[dot]grover[at]nic[dot]in
Ms. Shrestha Hazra Young Professional shrestha[dot]hazra[at]govcontractor[dot]in
Ms. Vaishnavi Iyer Young Professional vaishnavi[dot]i[at]nic[dot]in
Ms. Tarandeep Kaur Young Professional tarandeep[dot]k[at]govcontractor[dot]in
Ms. Neha Sharma Young Professional nehasharma[dot]03[at]nic[dot]in