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Seminar on Sustainable Development Goals and their Evaluation

UN’s Development Agenda for 2016-2030 i.e. “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” comprising 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 related Targets have been adopted and signed by the Government of India in Sept 2015. NITI Aayog has been assigned the role to oversee implementation by Ministries and to coordinate with States for the achievement of developmental targets as enshrined in the SDGs.


In this direction, a seminar on SDGs and their evaluation was held on 25.02.2016 in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. The seminar was attended by representatives/ officials from various ministries of Govt. of India, NITI Aayog, UNDP, ADB as well as international students from NILERD.


Dr. Vinod Thomas, Director General, Independent Evaluation Office, Asian Development Bank gave a talk on ‘India and SDGs’. The seminar focused on SDGs related to social sectors including health, sanitation, safety nets, poverty alleviation etc. and their relevance in the Indian context. The presentation compared the growth, TFP and achievements of MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) made in other countries such as China, Poland, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as differences in inter-state patterns within India. The challenges in SDGs’ assessment such as availability of little data were also highlighted. ADB offered to consider developing tools for impact evaluation which could be customised and utilised by various countries.


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