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Women and Youth Participation in Cooperatives

Women and Youth Participation in Cooperatives

India has become the fifth largest economy in the world and can channelize its demographic advantage in its quest to become one among the world’s top three largest economies. Co-operative movement is one such window that can bring youth and specifically more women in the mainstream to contribute constructively to sustainable economic development. Cooperatives in India are carving its niche in almost every field of economic activities. In the 75th year of Independence, a new- Ministry of Cooperation has been set-up to realize the vision of Cooperatives as having immense potential to drive socio-economic developmental goals towards the ambit of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and rural development. Promotion of inclusive cooperatives models that integrate capacity building, education, skill training, engagement of youth and women, can lead in realizing true cooperative development models and achieving dual targets of becoming a USD S 5 trillion economy whilst fulfilling commitments of UN-SD6's targets.

Kurukshetra Jan 2023

Dr Neelam Patel and Dr Tanu Sethi