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Research Papers

S. No. Title Author Name Date Download
1 Closing Human Resources gap in Health: Moving beyond Production to Proactive Recruitments Dr. Shobhit Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Sarwal 2022
2 Changes in Labour force and Employment in Rural and Urban India: 2017-18 to 2020-21 Ramesh Chand 2022
3 Lessons from Covid-19: A Plan for Action Dr. Sanjay Kumar ,Shobhana Rana, Meenakshi Datta Ghosh, Sangeeth Verghese 2022
4 Predicting adoption of agricultural technologies in Indo-Gangetic Region Neelam Patel 2022
5 Pusa Golden Cherry tomato-2: New promising yellow cherry tomato for protected cultivation Neelam Patel 2022
6 Large-scale staple food fortification as a complementary strategy to address vitamin and mineral vulnerabilities in India: A critical review Mona Duggal, B Sesikeran, N Arlappa, Sirimavo Nair, Vedeika Shekhar, Vandana Sabharwal 2022
7 104th Annual Conference Indian Economic Association (IEA): Presidential Address by Member Prof. Ramesh Chand Ramesh Chand 2021
8 UN Food Systems Summit 2021: Address by Member Prof. Ramesh Chand Ramesh Chand 2021
9 MSP and Farmers Income Ramesh Chand 2020
10 Addressing Agrarian Distress: Sops versus Development Ramesh Chand 2019