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Strengthening the Indian Agriculture ecosystem

India is growing at a rapid pace and so is the use of technology in the growing sectors of the country. A major mass of the population is still dependent and practicing agriculture as its primary source of income. India has been in a continuous tryst with its farming infra, practices and associated communities since independence.

Artificial Intelligence revolutionising Agriculture

Automation in agriculture is an emerging subject across the world. In recent time, Artificial Intelligence has been seeing a lot of direct application in farming AI-powered solutions will not only enable farmers to do more with less, it will also improve quality and ensure faster go-to-market for crops.

5G & IoT vs Cyber Security - Addressing the elephant in the Room


With hackers trying to break into a computer every 39 seconds on an average, cybersecurity continues to be the number one “external concern” for Indian policymakers and industry leaders, regardless of their industry. The annual costs of these attacks are expected to reach an incredible $6 trillion by 2021, according to Cyber Security Ventures.

Transforming Innovative Research into a Profitable Technology

Innovation is always explored by academic scholars and organisations to identify its factors, features and often ends in producing unharmonious results. This article advocates research on innovation by systematically developing a structure of the innovation process. The conceptual progress, generation and implementation processes, experiences, and influences of innovation on organisations have been explained thoroughly in this article. Previous research work has been aligned with either one of the two components of the innovation process.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth

Promoting Entrepreneurship and Startups will ensure an unprecedented wave of long-deserved growth, prosperity and wellbeing that can serve the interests of the rest of the world as well as the spirit of New India. Creating a nation of job-creators and not just job-seekers is important for sustainable growth.

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