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Working Papers

S.No. Title Author Name Publication Year Download
1 India's White Revolution Ramesh Chand April, 2023 Download
2 A New Paradigm for Indian Agriculture Neelam Patel, Bruno Dorin, Ranveer Nagaich April, 2022 Download
3 Methanol: A Competitive Alternate Fuel Dr. V.K Saraswat, Ripunjaya Bansal September, 2021 Download
4 New Farm Acts 2020 (Hindi) Ramesh Chand November, 2020 Download
5 New Farm Acts 2020 (English) Ramesh Chand November, 2020 Download
6 Demand & Supply Projections Towards 2033: Crops, Livestock, Fisheries and Agricultural Inputs - February, 2018 Download
7 Innovative Policy Interventions for Transformation of Farm Sector Ramesh Chand November, 2018 Download
8 Social Sector Expenditure of States Pre & Post Fourteenth Finance Commission Alok Kumar, Ajay Nema, Jagat Hazarika, Himani Sachdeva September, 2019 Download
9 Need for a New Steel Policy Dr. V.K. Saraswat, Ripunjaya Bansal May, 2017 Download
10 Economic Progress During the First Two Years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Occassional Paper No. III Arvind Panagariya October, 2019 Download