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Working Papers
Working Papers
S.No. Title Author Name Year Download
01 NITI Working Paper on 'Bharatiya Model of Inclusive Growth: SabkaA Sath Sabka Vikas' Arvind Virmani December, 2023
02 A New Paradigm for Indian Agriculture Neelam Patel, Bruno Dorin, Ranveer Nagaich April, 2022
03 Methanol: A Competitive Alternate Fuel Dr. V.K Saraswat, Ripunjaya Bansal September, 2021
04 New Farm Acts 2020 (Hindi) Ramesh Chand November, 2020
05 New Farm Acts 2020 (English) Ramesh Chand November, 2020
06 Demand & Supply Projections Towards 2033: Crops, Livestock, Fisheries and Agricultural Inputs - February, 2018
07 Innovative Policy Interventions for Transformation of Farm Sector Ramesh Chand November, 2018
08 Economic Progress During the First Two Years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Occassional Paper No. III Arvind Panagariya October, 2019
09 Social Sector Expenditure of States Pre & Post Fourteenth Finance Commission Alok Kumar, Ajay Nema, Jagat Hazarika, Himani Sachdeva September, 2019
10 Need for a New Steel Policy Dr. V.K. Saraswat, Ripunjaya Bansal May, 2017
11 Changing Structure of Rural Economy of India Implications for Employment and Growth Ramesh Chand, S. K Srivastava, Jaspal Singh November, 2017
12 Metals in World Economy - Case of Aluminium Industry in India B.N. Satpathy, Suneet Mohan March, 2016
13 Old is Not Always Gold - A Case Study on Repealing Old Statutes Bibek Debroy, Aparajita Gupta May, 2016
14 Raising Agricultural Productivity and Making Farming Remunerative for Farmers Ramesh Chand December, 2015