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The Aspirational Story of Rampura

A fascinating facilitation framework has been provided by NITI Aayog’s Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP), which ensures that development initiatives reach the grassroots level. ADP enables cooperation and coordination between the district, state and Union government to aid the community’s well-being across developmental sectors of agriculture, education, financial inclusion, health and infrastructure.

Padhe Balrampur, Badhe Balrampur

As I look outside the window of my office, I recollect my conversations with young Dinesh, whom I recently met during my three-day visit to Balrampur district of the ‘Balrampur Cheeni’ fame.

A Rocky Start to a Smooth Ride

The West Sikkim district administration is trying various models of convergence to ensure superlative performance in all indicators through a sustained and concerted effort across all sectors.

Wills of Steel

If we channelize our resources properly and work towards realizing the export potential and containing imports, the steel industry can be a game-changer for the national economy.
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